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Awesome, Thanks for Opting In on the previous page! As a career restaurant operator, entrepreneur, and all around normal guy like anyone else, I was brought up in the 60's and 70's with the conventional prevailing wisdom at the time to get a good education, start a career, work 50 to 60 hours a week, and retire after 40 years or so, riding off into the sunset!

Well, that's working real well for all of us isn't it! In today's economic climate, that "wisdom" just does not apply anymore!

As I approach retirement age, the realization of how unprepared I am as more than half of the population of this country seems to be, I needed to find a "guaranteed way" of protecting the dollars I am making, exchanging them for assets, that will continue to appreciate with time, and possibly a way to generate more income, an extra paycheck, so to speak, RESIDUAL INCOME, that will continue to generate cash flow, whether I decide to continue working or not!

I kept reading the writing on the wall. Some of the following articles share the picture of where we really are as a nation of people, even if individually, we "Think We Will Be OK!" Right Click on the links to read about our actual ""Financial Inconvenient Truth!"

The 401(k): Americans ‘just not prepared’ to manage their own retirement funds

American Workers Not Prepared for Retirement

Most Americans Haven’t Planned for Retirement and Other Areas of Concern

Small Business Owners Not Prepared for Retirement, Study Shows

The New Retirement? Working… If You Are Lucky!

There was nothing worse than going to bed every night with the feeling that what I was reaching for, remaining comfortable in retirement, and having enough income, assets, and cashflow to provide for my family, to help my brother and sisters when they needed, to give back to my father and mother for all the opportunity and support they gave me my entire life, to spend more quality time with my children and friends, all of this felt so far away.

So I decided to do something about it. I scoured the internet for the best opportunity, interviewed top leaders and decided to become part of the following financial opportunity that is working for me, lifting that income cap I mentioned before like no other opportunity I have been involved with!

I was invited to watch the following short presentation by my business partner and friend, Ray Higdon,( who by the way is an incredible leader, and example to follow) who inspired me to join and instructed me to do just one THING to become successful.... Share this with you right now!

This short video may change your life! Give it a chance and watch it now!

Introducing Our Income Vehicle

You would qualify to be paid weekly residual income on the entire group, combined business volume, simply because you were here.... FIRST, and decided to join!

Short Review of the Compensation Plan 2014

What People are Saying

OK, Pretty Cool having all these people just like you and I, achieving their dreams and goals, making money and going on very cool, vacations and cruises, Simply because they decided to come on board and start using this simple marketing system just like You will be able to.

They are all doing the same simple task, simply inviting others like yourself, who may want to make more money, to watch this presentation! That's it.

Did I mention you could qualify for exciting cruises and exotic vacations paid for by the company? Check this out!

Seen Enough? If you believe that you could send others like yourself to a webpage just like this one, letting it do the work for you, and that this is the right fit for you and your family, and believe you can benefit from sharing this opportunity with others, (Remember... all you have to do is do what I did, I referred you to this website and asked you to watch the presentation) Then I am ready to help you achieve your goals RIGHT NOW!

Let's partner up together and get this system working for YOU RIGHT NOW!

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